QVC to launch Video On Demand feature



From 19th March viewers on the Sky Digital platform will be able to watch the first on-demand video service offering product demonstrations whenever they want. Available to more than 6.3 million homes, the service will allow customers to access a video of QVC’s featured product of the day, the Today’s Special Value (TSV), at any time throughout the day. If successful, other products or shows will become available on demand. Each day, QVC offers the TSV at an exceptionally low price for only 24 hours and presented in a 10-20 minute segment just ten times during the day. TSV Now! will allow viewers to see the product demonstrated at any time during the day. The service is accessed via the red button which takes them to QVC Active and then with another button press to the QVC Directory, the shopping channel’s interactive catalogue. Viewers can then purchase the item via the remote control by pressing the yellow button.