Radio and TV station for Buddhists to launch in Sri Lanka



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A radio station exclusively for Buddhist programmes will be launched in Sri Lanka on 30 April, with a TV station to follow. The Rangiri Dambulu channel will be the only one of its kind catering to the Theravada tradition of Buddhists. Besides Dharma desana and teaching of the Dhamma, there will also be programmes for women and children, and general entertainment items. The programmes will include advertising , but the motive is not purely financial.

Initially the programmes will be aired to cover the East, North Central, Central areas and the Colombo district, while the second stage will extend the service to Ruhuna. The TV station will broadcast via satellite, and viewers will be able to watch the channel by purchasing a special antenna with which they would also be able to watch over 100 other channels.

The idea was mooted about a decade ago but the state delayed the issuing of necessary licence apparently due to reluctance on the part of the authorities. It was only five months ago that the green light was received.

(Source: Sunday Times Online via Media Network)