'Rambo' used two M16s, machete and 1,600 bullets to steal sheep



A man who used two M16 rifles, a machete and 1,600 rounds of ammunition to steal a sheep has been dubbed the Chilean Rambo by police.

The 31-year-old man stole the sheep from a farm in Ovalle, north of Santiago, Las Ultimas Noticias online reports.

A security guard challenged him as he walked out of the farm with his haul but backed down when the robber threatened him with his arsenal.

The guard called the police who finally arrested the man after a seven hour operation in which gunfire was exchanged.

A police spokesman said: "The man was crazy. He thought he was Rambo and that it was his right to take the sheep. He was very keen on using the weapons and it took us a lot of talking to make him give up on the idea.

"He said he found the weapons in an abandoned cave and that he felt it was his destiny to use them."