RBB instead of ORB and SFB



Two German telewision and radio channels ORB-SFB have merged on 1st of May 2003. The channels have beed converted into the public Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RB:cool: channel. It will broadcasts in Berlin and Brandenburgia region. There is also some changes in broadcast from Astra satellite.

The mearge of ORB and SFB channels into the one public Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RB:cool: station, which has two television broadcast centre and four television studios to broadcast on the Berlin and Brandenburgia aera.

Officialy, RBB broadcasts on the Berlin aera, however the new station has also television studios in Cottbus, Frankfurt-on-Oder, Perleberg and Prenzlau. Newertheless, for the viewers it is difficult to notice any changes.

The radio stations in the Berlin and Potsdam are: Antenna Brandenburg, 8åcht-Stadtradio, Fritz, info radio, radio UNITY, RADIO 3, radio culture and RADIOmultikulti.

Since the 1st of May, the ORB channel has changed its name on RBB Brandenburg, and SFB1 have been renamed on RBB Berlin. The both channels have similar logo and one Internet website www.rbb online.de. The old addresses of the channels are available as the archive of the new website. Also a teletext of the new channels have a new name: RBBtext Brandenburg and RBBtext Berlin.

RBB details of transmission:


Terrestrial analogue broadcast in Berlin: channel 39 (channel 6)
Analogue broadcast from Astra 1C - 19,2E satellite; tr.47; 11,171H.
Digital broadcast from Astra 1G - 19,2E satellite ; tr.85; 12,109H (in the frames of the ARD Digital package).


Terrestrial broadcast:
Berlin: channel 51 (from 31.07.03)
Berlin digital: channel 27
Cottbus: channel 23
Höhbeck: channel 35
Woldegk: channel 34
Belzig: channel 54
Frankfurt n/O: channel 43
Pritzwalk: channel 53
Elsterwerda: channel 45
Guben: channel 37
Spremberg: channel 47
Freyenstein: channel 48.

Analogue broadcast (PAL) from Astra 1B - 19,2E satellite; tr.30; 11,656V.
Digital broadcast from Astra 1G - 19,2E satellite; tr.85; 12,109H (in the frames of the ARD Digital package).


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I have watched it and have not noticed much difference.

The question is when is WDR Eins Live going to appear on the digital platform? One of the few channels I keep my analogue box going for!