Receiver or pci DVB-s Card.



My Satellite Setup
1.35m dish, double 0.3 db LNB, skydigibox pace ds430n, ftv card, samsung receiver ds100F.
My Location

I am currently living in southern Spain, Seville, and thinking of installing a satellite dish, but I'm very confussed as there are a wide range of receivers to choose from. Also, I am aware that there are PCI DVB-S Cards which basically you slot into your pc and this will act as a decoder.

I'd like to know whether I am better of making use of a receiver and watch satellite channels on my normal TV or with a PCI DVB-S card on my PC. These are the cards I have seen so far. also

Anyway I am a little confused as the channels I'm intereseted in seeing are mainly the normal british channels, BBC1,BBC2, ITV,channel 4, channel 5 etc,.. According to the products on the pages above, I would be able (If living in the UK) to view all digital channels. But as I'm abroad in Spain, would I be able to receive these digital terrestrial channels from the UK via a satellite dish, and use one of these PCI DVB-S cards to view them on my PC?

Hope I'm in the correct forum!
Thanks for the help,