Receiving DSS with dish and LNB former for DTV

Hi, excuse me if this is silly.
I had a DTV system with a RCA DRD431RG receiver. Now my suscription wont be available any more so I´d like to be informed on the way to, using a PC card, the same LNB and the same dish (round 18"), get access to free TV programs from other satellites.
Im completely "naked" on satellites but still can make any installation required.
Reference to sites or former questions on this forums wil be deeply appreciated.
I am in Havana, Cuba.

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Hi Beltwanter , welcome to the forum

The outdoor components to your system, are they still there, or to be taken away with the box ?

Does it look as though the dish has some degree of movement on the wall either side without the need of resiting it ?

At the end of the day, what would you really want to watch ?

The PC card has an advantage in that its going to be cheaper to experiment with.