Removing channels from a card



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I'm using a Nokia with built in Viaccess Cam and an Aston 1.05 CI module. I can see all the TPS channels with a single provider gold card in the Viaccess Cam, or the Seca encrypted TPS channels on the Aston Cam if I leave the Viaccess slot empty.

What I can't seem to do, is get the Aston Cam to clear the TPS channels whilst there is a multi-provider card in the Viaccess Cam which doesn't have TPS as one of its providers. Seemingly, the machine is trying still to find TPS on the Viaccess card.

Is there possibly anything I have to remove from the hex files that I don't know about? So far, I have taken out the channel ID and the keys- and this worked for turning a multi-provider card into a single provider one for TPS, as seems to be necessary now.

Thanks for any ideas,