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Replacement mount for dish


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Edinburgh, Scotland
I've replaced a Sky dish with a Raven Gemini 90cm dish with three LNBs, and all went fine - apart from the mounting bracket. It's a bit small. The offset from the wall is 400mm, which is fine (ideal, in fact) but the tube is about 30mm diameter - the Gemini needs 38mm to 60mm. So right now it's padded out with duct tape - not ideal, but it's working meantime... but I do get worried when the wind gets up.

But obvously I'd like to replace the mount with something a bit thicker and tougher - probably a 2" tube bracket. But I'd still like the offset to be 400mm if at all possible. Anyone got any recommendations for a bracket to suit? The ones I've found appear to be either 350mm (two short) or 550mm, which is long enough that I'll probably have to run a new cable or two.