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Hi, I have been asking Pentamedia about a few issues regarding the Pentavsion CI and Navis (in particular about that frame problem with "Alice" on 19E, in particular - including most of the Viasat channels on 5E Sirius). Here is the cut of the e-mail:

1) Pentavision CI external video input does not work

A-Which composite are you using ? it should be yellow for input and black for output, you also need to let it know if it is a PAL or NTFC. This maybe a problem with the card as I have seen no problems with input here.

2) In Navis, you should be able to view full screen (even if this means just making another mode for throughput of video signal - without any rendering encountered in PLAY mode)

A-I will put this to are Korea Programmers and see what they say.

3) Whilst recording using navis PLAY/REC, if you stop recording at a particular point, there remains a few seconds of video after that point.

A-I will put this to are Korea Programmers and see what they say.

4) Finally, after discussing with other members from newsgroups in Europe, we cannot view some channels clearly. An example is "Alice" on 19E Astra 12610.500. Other channels on this bouquet are fine but this channels gives us about 2 frames per second of video. However, audio is faultless. The same is for most channels on 5E Sirius 2 Viasat.

A-We know this is a out standing problem and have looked into this in grate detail, some of the channels are passed down at a different sync rate than others. Where set top boxs have hardware to deal with this built in unfortunately the Pent@Vision has not. This is a problem that cannot be fixed with this version of card.


Its is bit sad to hear about the problem that cannot be corrected - I bought a Viaccess cam solely to watch TV1000, cause they used to show good, low budget US movies much quicker than sky.


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This is rediculous why dont they just say the bloody card is defective. Surely they must realise that this is a significant issue.

THAT IS WHAT THE CARD IS MENT TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE. show all available satellite channels.