Request for help/advise about PCTV Sat problem

I hereby ask anyone who knows to help me on the following problem:

I have a PCTV Sat Card (without CI), I have installed the newest drivers but when i connect it to antenna the signal is too low that it cannot show the program.

I have another portable receiver Echostar DSB808 CI that has the LNB out so that i could connect PCTV receiver through this portable receiver.

Echostar receives a very good signal (i.e 80%) and shows in quality almost all programs. But PCTV through the same dish does not give me the same signal like Echostar does!!!!!

I have installed PCTV program but no solution!!!!!! And I recommended newest Progdvb (that recognizes nmy PCTV Card) but yet the same signal problem....

Can someone help...



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What type of card is it?

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Couple of things to try:

Ensure you have the very latest drivers for your Card.

Try using a different PCI slot, sometimes interference from other PCI cards
such as graphics cards or wireless network cards can disrupt the signal.

Check the coax connection on your PCI card, you may need to lengthen the copper core so that you get a good contact with the connector on the PCI card. (this has happened to me before, the box signal was fine but the DVB card signal was poor).

Ensure your using the proper coax for digital satellite use, also ensure your LNB is digital or universal.

Don't panic, there will be a solution somewhere !!