Residents angry over naming of Naked Arse Centre



Residents of a German town are protesting at the name of their new community centre - which translates literally as the Naked Arse Centre.

Town councillors in Krov, in the Mosel region, voted to name it Nacktarschhalle after their most popular wine, the Krover Nacktarsch.

But many of the town's 2,500 citizens, including mayor Elmar Trossen, are furious at the name.

Mr Trossen, 64, said: "Can you imagine being invited to a wedding reception or holding a classical concert at the Naked Arse Centre?"

But the mayor, who was out-voted 11 to four on the name, will have to grin and bear it as the the official inauguration of the £2.7 million centre will go ahead as planned on Friday.