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Retro Tech Links .

My Satellite Setup
Pace 2200 Sky digibox with ftv card, Comag SL65 FTA sat receiver, 40cm Sky minidish, Setpal terrestrial receiver (for free uk tv only!).
My Location
www.labguysworld.com - old broadcast video stuff (USA), v good.

www.bvws.org.uk/links.htm - links to British old radio/tv receiver pages.

www.samhallas.co.uk/histlink.htm - links to old telephone systems pages.

www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org - lots of old home computers.

www.computermuseum.li/Testpage/0000WELCOME.htm - big old computers.

http://members.aol.com/jeff560/jlinks.html - USA broadcasting history links.

www.roger.beckwith.btinternet.co.uk/bh/menu.htm - old BBC radio studios.

www.vtoldboys.com - history of (now defunct) BBC VT dept.

www.bbctv-ap.co.uk - old BBC tv studios.

(can't find any retro tech for ITV, although would be similar to Beeb stuff!).

(Note that most of the above sites also have their own link pages, to other closely related topics!).