Returning back to the scence after some months!

Hi chaps,

dam took me so long to find the forums, most of the ones I used deleted my account.

Not to bore you all I get straight to it:

I have a 5400z patched all cam with the silver cards, used to use DS9 files to receive Seca. By the way I only have access to Hotbird, only one LNB.

Now I belive if Im correct, I need to upload a new patch box, as well as loading new channel list. This I belive is a HNF file which Im familiar with, however not to sure what patch to use.....

Regarding the card, Im from Malta but live in London, back in Malta they uses tit cards, however satonline recommended a KNOT, so I purchased it. Do I need a cam for this card, and what file types can I use?

I know its a blast of information but any help would be great....

cheers guys....good to be back!



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Welcome to the forum, I see that most of your question is being dealt with elsewhere, so won't add to it. :)