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I have a motorised system that I have not used for a few years - my kids subscribed to sky and my system got mothballed.
I have recentley moved to the isle of wight where the reception for normal tv is pretty drastic - kids have gone - so i am digging out my old system to use again.

I have a chaparral monterey with a 1.2mtr. dish.
It used to be a bit of a hobby for me some years ago but i am now out of touch with all the latest equipment.

I would appreciate any advice on starting up again, for example is it still worth setting up the chaparall?
Is there much analogue stuff still out there?

I have been looking at a topfield - TC5000CIP because it has a built in positioner that should alow me to use my old gear.

Any advice greatly appreciated

thanks v.m.


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No satellite stuff for the moment (aside from a 43cm minidish that was on the house already), Samsung SyncMaster T27B550 Smart TV & Monitor, and a few computers...
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Best thing for you is a new LNB & cable (CT100), a VBOXII (a DiSEqC to 36v positioner) and a Technomate 1500CI+ receiver. There's not much left in Analogue these days (see for the channels) and most of these channels are in digital and some are free to air still... :)

Hope that helps... :D


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1m channel master, jaeger smr1224, Inverto black ultra twin, technomate tm-1500ci, broken receiver vantage x221ci, New additions Skybox F5s and technomate tm-5402 HD arriving soon.
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keep the dish and maybe buy a new motor if it takes a 36volt actuator and lnb

cable wise use some wf100

reciever wise theres the topfield you mentioned or the manhattan 450 or 500 which have 36v positioners

or there is the technomate 1500 receiver which can be patched to get more channels and use a vbox to convert the 36volt to diseqc 1.2