roughly to do with d+ and canal +/encryption



somebody please put me at rest!!!!!!!
less than 2 years ago i bought a new nokia 9303s goldbox from italy (with seca built in - no extra ci slots, though) since then i have been watching with codes provided by websites etc...

>will i have to apply for a secaII card to watch ftv untill hacking occurs again?(posing as a law abiding citizen,of course)

>will i have to apply for a seca II card AND a seca II cam (therefore meaning i must buy a new decoder)

>(on my reciever you can only watch the channels (ANY CHANNELS - EVEN ONES WHICH ARE FTA ON OTHER RECIEVERS) once you have inserted the d card or of course, the hacked pic/eeprom card...
what will happen when the change occurs? will i still get the fta channels etc?

>do any of you know of any websites currently open and running aimed at providing codes for pics/eeproms for d and canal regions/keeping us informed about this issue?

Thank you all in advance,

rob c