Russian wants to sell Hitler's 'penis'



A Russian man who claims to be in possession of Hitler's mummified penis is to put it up for sale.

Ivan Zudropov says he's prepared to allow a DNA test on it to confirm its origins.

Mr Zudropov claims his father, Vasiliy, was a Red Army soldier who saw action in Berlin and was one of the troops who was first into the Nazi's command bunker, where he found Hitler's body.

Mr Zudropov said the Russian soldiers had stripped the body of clothing, then kicked and punched it before hacking it up, and that his dad had decided to keep a piece as a souvenir.

He told the Express Gazeta daily: "My father wanted to take a souvenir from Hitler. He first wanted to cut off his head, but later he decided to cut off his penis."

He said he now wanted to sell the bizarre family heirloom for £12,000. He added that the mummified penis was just two-and-half-inches long.