s_x aid steals show at women's invention awards



A mother-of-three has stolen the show at the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards, with a gadget that provides satisfaction for women with sexual difficulties.

The clitoral stimulator designed by Liz Paul from Ilkley, Yorkshire, offers hope to the estimated five million women in Britain who have trouble reaching orgasm.

The device, called Vielle, is a small plastic stimulator with eight nodules which fits over the finger.

Speaking at the award ceremony in Cafi Royal central London, Mrs Paul said clinical tests had proved the device could halve the time it takes for a woman to climax and intensify the orgasm.

Mrs Paul, 49, said: "Through research I discovered it was often a lack of understanding of the anatomy which caused problems climaxing.

"Women are not told how to have an orgasm and it needs explaining to them.I wanted to break through this barrier and help women with their sexual needs. I hope my invention will help all those women who have sexual problems."

The disposable device, which comes in a pack of three costing £9.95 has already proved a big hit on the internet with 1,000 packs sold since it went on sale 24 hours ago.

Vielle is likely to be available for consumers to buy on the high street as soon as August and will be on sale next to the condoms. Mrs Paul hopes to sell 300,000 devices by the end of the year.

The actual winner of the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards was Trish Fearn with a lightweight ergonomic fork for mucking out stables.

Mrs Fearn, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, spent 12 years developing the Lite-Lift Shaving Fork after she was told she could no longer look after her 200 rescued horses due to chronic tendonitis caused by heavy stable work.




Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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I think this "invention" will be bad news for men,imagine trying to get a doctors appointment,the bloody surgery will be full of women asking for a prescription for a packet of three.This reminds me of that old joke...secretary to boss,"can i use your dictaphone",boss replies,"no,use your finger like everyone else"........explanation for anyone under 30,telephones used to have a rotary dial!!!!!!!!!!!...............brian
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