s_x crime campaigner 'took photos up woman's skirt'



A campaigner for Japanese men who complain they've been falsely accused of molesting women has been arrested for allegedly taking photos up a woman's skirt.

Mitsuru Nagasaki, 46, was detained by passengers who claim he aimed his camera-equipped mobile phone at a woman sitting in front of him on a Tokyo subway.

He was handed over to police, who arrested him on suspicion of being a public nuisance.

Nagasaki has been an advocate for the rights of men accused of sexual harassment on crowded trains.

He started his campaign after he was prosecuted for the offense in 1997. He appealed the case to the Supreme Court but lost and was fined.

Harassment has long been a hazard for women on Tokyo's trains, which are packed at rush hour.

Nagasaki was returning home after distributing his group's leaflets when he was arrested, the Asahi newspaper reported. Police claim he told officers he was too drunk to remember what happened.