SAB Explorer PVR (Satcatcher Voyager III)



Hey all,

Just bought this receiver and I am generally very happy with it. I am trying to understand the Twin Tuner capability. I have installed a twin LNB and connected two cables from it to the two tuners. If I am recording a subscription channel, I can only view another FTA channel and not another subscription channel. I can also only record one channel at a time which I wasn't sure about when I bought it.

I really don't understand whether I should have the twin tuner setting on dual or split (or loop for that matter), although when I try it on either setting it still only allows me to watch/record one subscription channel at a time.

Anyone follow me? Can anyone help explain?




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You dont not really give enough info about what subscription but common sense tells me one subscription one channel how could it be any different? Do both tuners operate from the same card slot? or do they each have their own slot? Like I said I would have thought one tuner one subscription but I have been wrong more times than I care to think