Samsung 9500 viaci



I have had a Samsung 9500 viaci for about for 4 weeks now.

The system information is:

Loader version 505

Main software version 122

Hardware version 504

I understand that the "main software version" has now been upgraded to version 127.

I have tried to upgrade my receiver via the satellite but just end up with the system information as shown, the 127 software version not downloading.

When I try upgrading via astra I just get the message "please wait" or via hotbird the receiver seems to go through the process restarts itself but still shows the old information.

Any ideas on what I need to do ?

I know the receiver can be updated via a PC but I would need the necessary software and some instructions !

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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try our search function to get info on programming this receiver. I posted some links just a few weeks ago.
If your receiver is only 4 weeks old then almost certainly it's the "z" type. That type can only be programmed using a so-called JTAG interface - Samsung disabled the normal serial port PC upgrade facility of the original 9500 (under pressure from providers who didn't like the fact that Samsung patches were giving access to multiple encryption systems).