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I'll post here - I don't think there's a forum sad enough for posts like this:eek:

I don't buy gizmos that often these days - since they almost invariably end up in the cellar collecting mould - but I couldn't resist this little beauty.

Its the Samsung HR-720 DVD Recorder+80GB HDD. Oh, i'ts the sweetest darn thing in the stack !! you can feel my excitement can't you.

The spec for this machine is a bit odd though. While the code is the same globally, the UK version has a different front panel and claims not to have a tuner? Mine has a tuner and little, tight buttons on the front.

It handles DivX, MP3, the usuals, you can upload your MP3 tracks to the HDD and have a kind of Media Server, blah, blah - and all for €222.000.

Samsung is definitely the new SONY for me - oh, how SONY are probably crapping themselves at these kind of prices. Very good build quality too.

Like a boy with a new toy - you'll all have to play outside on you own today - I'm staying in to play:D