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Hi all,

As I'm new to all this, please excuse my naivety on the subject.

I have a 60cm dish with an Alps .7db u/v Lnb pointing at Astra 19.2.
The cable (75hms) is on a 50+ metres run to the receiver and has an 'F' connector about 10 metres from the Lnb. The picture received on the analogue receiver is perfect.

However, I've got Sky digital and have tried to test the old cable to see if it is suitable for digital. So far, the Sky box has picked up the signal (40%) but will not lock on.

Do I need new cable?
Will a line amp. equal. do?
Dish might be out of alignment?

Many thanks



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Hello Sab,

You don't say where you are, but if you are in the UK, the 60 cm dish with 60 metre cable run should be ok, the join is a bit of a no no, but not the end of the world. You don't mention what the quality reading is, you won't get a signal lock, as it needs the unique ident' given out by the 28.2 satellite. The alignment is quite important, what is good for analogue is not allways good for digital, the line amplifier will probably be overkill, they only tend to amplify the noise on a digital signal.

Try doing a channel search on one of the 19.2 transponders
12.051 Vertical 27500 Symbols 3/4 FEC if you can pull these in then you should be OK with Sky digital.