Sat/Transponders receivable on Receiver but not on DVB Card



My Satellite Setup
p4 2.4/512/533
512MB dd2
TwinHan VisionPlus 1025
My Location
Egypt, Cairo
Hello there
I have a Weird Problem ...
I had a 65CM Dish and i used it to view NileSat
I'm located in Egypt.

I tried to receive Atlantic Bird 4 (6.9W)
but i couldn't although it's on the same Position of NileSat(7.0W)
some people told me you just have to get a 100cm or larger Dish in order to receive Atlantic Bird4

anyway i bought one and they Installed it for me ... and they guy tested some Atlantic Bird4 Channels and they worked.

now when i tried to search for channels on the Sat it gave me No Signals at all ... just like it did with my Old Dish.

I've Updated my Transponders File so it's not that Problem ...

Hope someone Knows what the cause of this.
Thanks in Advance!

Twinhan VisionPlus 1025
OS: WinXP Professional SP2
DVB Software: DreamDVB 1.3c, Progdvb 4.82
Transponder File: 3530.Ini Downloaded and Updated from