SATCOM 12900 DCI firm found BUT still a PROBLEM!!!!!!!



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hello people. there is a problem with a digital receiver named SATCOM 12900 DCI. when they brought it to me, the 2amper security was burnt and also one of 4 diods on the power supply bridge was off too. i replaced theese two and the reciever worked. the capacitors were ok i suppose since all voltages from the power supply were correct. but there is a strange problem, when i try to download channels, before scanning for channels it gives me a satisfying signal bar, but when i press enter and download procedure begins on every TP it drops the signal and says next to the Transpoder info ''locked''. i downloaded the firmware and channel list from manufacturers site and there is another strange thing. it says uploading channel list and ok but after the procedure there are no channels in the list. so i wonder whether its flash memory or maybe the processors fault for all this???? a good advice would be invaluable, thanx