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Satellite Broadband

This may be a little outside the remit of this forum, but does anyone have any info on setting up a broadband access via satellite and local area wireless network?
So far I have quotes from Aramiska who will supply and fit the 75cm dish for up/downloads but I need more information on distributing this to 50 or so households in our rather scattered community via a local wireless network.
Any info gratefully received.

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The popular and growing solution for localised rural broadband seems to be a satellite hub, then two way to each remote site by 2GHz, 5GHz - or higher wireless system.

The terrain and distance of the furtherst part of the community determines which system used

This link gives an example of the various antennas available

http://www.tripointglobal.com/Broadband Antennas/default.htm#Point-to-Multipoint