Satellite news 14/03/03



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Satellite news 14/03/03

Eutelsat W5 - Australia-Europe bridge

Source: Eutelsat

With a live broadcast of the Formula 1 Grand Prix from Melbourne to Europe Eutelsat’s W5 - 70,5W satellite has officially extended the company’s reach into Australia as far as the south-east coast.

The transmission was conducted for the German pay-TV platform Premiere that broadcasts to cable and satellite homes in Germany and Austria. MTI, which provides broadcasting services to Premiere, uplinked four digital signals direct from the Melbourne Grand Prix with a flyaway antenna site to its teleport in Munich (Germany). The four signals, offering a choice of camera angles, were inserted into Premiere’s programming for live viewing.


Al Jazeera clear on Astra 1East

Source: SES Astra

SES Astra has started a clear digital broadcasts of Al Jazeera information channel on the transponder 24 of the Astra 1E - 19,2E satellite. Al Jazeera channel is available in the frames of this part of French C*nal Satellite digital package which broadcasts in clear.

Quatar controversial news channel - Al Jazeera, which as the first is publishing bin Laden`s voice, parameters are: frequency: 11,568V (SR=22000; FEC=5/6).

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