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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-Sep-00 AT 09:25 PM (GMT)[/font][p]I was looking at subscribing to ' Satisfaction Channel ' . The listing state that it broadcasts in Irdeto / Viaccess, does this mean it broadcasts in both at the same time so I would require both cams or does it mean I can receive it with a Irdeto cam or a Viaccess cam. Also if I was to buy a pirate card :-) which cam would I need. How reliable or the pirate cards for this channel and how easy are they to update myself ? Any help please before I jump in. Thanks everyone.

Also for Adult + .What is Symulcrypt ?


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Simulcrypt is exactly what it sounds like - simultaneous encryption in multiple formats. Irdeto/Viaccess simulcrypt means you can decrypt it with EITHER an Irdeto CAM/card OR a Viaccess CAM/card.

If you want to go into the pirate possibilities, Irdeto is your best bet there - these days it is even possible to buy a standard Irdeto CAM, load it with "FreeCAM" firmware (downloadable on the internet) using a laptop PC with PCMCIA slot, and then the CAM emulates a card. Ie no card needed at all. Just need to put the right codes into the CAM, which can be done through the on-screen menus using the remote control. Codes also available on the internet.

Or you can create a suitable Irdeto wafer card.
Or better still, get a SECA/Mediaguard (Aston "Astoncrypt") CAM, create a Seca wafer card, and open up all the European Seca channels. This includes more bedroom olympics than you can shake your stick at, and 2 channels (the Spanish Taquilla-X & Taquilla-XX) which air close-up nature films 24 hours a day (makes a change from Richard&Judy while eating your cornflakes)

Check out my "wafer FAQ" here on this board.



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Sorry but I'm slightly off message on this thread, but I've just bought a Pentavision CI PC card and I'm contemplating which CAM to buy. I've been offered an Iredeto CAM which is apparently of the programmable type for £200, would this then not necessarily require a card as well?
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