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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very Happy Birthday :)

Birth Date:21st JuneColour:Lilac, PurpleNumber:3 ,33 ,30Stone:Sugilite – opens you up spiritually and sexually what more could you ask for in your stone!Flower:DelphiniumPet:IguanaCareer:Designer , Hostess , CriticKey Features:Illusive , Critical , StunningNaturally good at:Examining others mistakesCharacter:Your always one step ahead of the game, when it comes to work. You career is important to you, perhaps too important. Your self - esteem needs to come from who you are not what you do in the world. Having said that this determination makes you succeed.Life Path:You have this uncanny ability of getting whatever you desire in life, remember that old adage “be careful what you ask for” because of this you are sometimes dissatisfied with your lot when others would gnaw off their right hand for what you have. Count your blessings you have done well.Love:You are very choosy in the love stakes but hey ho you tend to be able to pull the fanciest of people. You get bored quickly and want a partner above you materially or educationally. If they give in to your demands, your off, as you like a challenge. Your birth number is ruled by expansive and generous Jupiter, choose a Sagittarius also ruled by Jupiter and you may have met your match.Best Present:Handcuffs , Trip To The Ocean