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Sep 28, 2005
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A perfect day for a Birthday Party - Have a great time.

Birth Date:5th JulyColour:Indigo , SilverNumber:14 , 32 , 2Stone:Sapphire – A favourite stone of Buddhists who believe it is a devotional stone signifying spiritual purity.Flower:OrchidPet:Siamese CatCareer:Train Engineer, Postman/Woman, SpeechwriterKey Features:Literary , Clever , SharpNaturally good at:Analysing world eventsCharacter:Too clever for your own good! You get lost in your intellect when your power is to juggle thought and feeling. You are always aware of your surroundings and who feel what but loose sight of your own emotions. You may decide to take up a job where you communicate for someone else or liaise for someone more powerful.Life Path:You may be the next Carl Jung but in the mean time sort out your own emotional life. Time perhaps to put more effort into your home and surroundings. Order makes you safe and so do comfortable surroundings, yet you rarely give this priority.Love:You can be a bit of a loner but have loads of friends and work colleagues that you spend time with. You need to make more space in your life for a lover and if you have one give them more quality time. Your birth number ruler is Mercury so try a chatty Gemini to turn your mind on who’s ruler is also Mercury.Best Present:A Years Free Dry Cleaning , A Date At The Movies