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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date: 26th July Colour: Maroon Number: 8,17,44 Stone: Red JASPER - grounds you and makes you secure Flower: Ivy Pet: Race Horse Career: Accountant , Psychiatrist , Director Key Features: Self Critical , Honest , Strong Naturally good at: Self restraint Character: You will always strive to do the right thing and have very high scruples. You are quick to act if you see an injustice and honourable in all that you do. You have drive and ambition and the will to succeed. You can be openly hostile to those you disrespect. Life Path: You’re charming and strong and can surround yourself with yes people. You tend to choose a partner that can put you in your place so you don’t get too big for your boots. You will give to those that deserve it but need to come off your high horse and be a little more light-hearted about life. Love: You need a partner as strong as you, which is hard to find. You can argue and grumble about relationships but are faithful and loving in your own way. Show a bit more affection though. Why not try a Capricorn who is ruled by your birth ruler Saturn. Best Present: Leather Wallet/Purse , Gold Sovereign