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Sep 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday to You. Many happy returns.

Birth Date:16th AugustColour:Sea GreenNumber:7,34,16Stone:Aquamarine – Soothes your mind and gives you clarity of thoughtFlower:Corn FlowerPet:LobsterCareer:performer, Diva , EntrepreneurKey Features:perceptive, Sizzling , BottomlessNaturally good at:Capturing attention or publicityCharacter:Your hot , you have a charm and know how to use it. You sense what others think of you and can be a little manipulative to get them to adore you. You cannot bare being disrespected or worse ignored. You have awesome presence that makes people nervous when they meet you.Life Path:You stamp unique wherever you tread. In whatever profession you have you stand out and people always talk about you. Actually you would not have it any other way. You like to make an impact and you sure do. Try not to be so invincible and omnipotent that you alienate yourself from real affection.Love:You can get involved with some lovers for the wrong reason, perhaps they are powerful or can help you in some way. Friends have a habit of falling in love with you but even though you may string them along you prefer to chase than be chased. Perhaps choose a Pisces who shares your birthday ruler Neptune.Best Present:An Oscar , Publicity