Scarts etc



North Nottinghamshire.
My Satellite Setup
Elite 2.2 PF - CM1.8 - CM1.2 - Gibertini 1.25.
Ku - Ka -C & Ext C.
PC cards-TM5402 receivers.
Promax FSM.
My Location
North Nottinghamshire.
I have a TV with two scart inputs :programmable:, a VCR with two scart connections, an analouge Satellite Receiver :Amstrad: with one scart for TV and one for Decoder, a digital STB :Humax: with a TV Scart and a VCR Scart, and am about to get a Sky Digi Box.
Can anyone tell me the best way to make connections between all of these. I don't want to use RF as this will only give me mono sound and a reduced picture quality.

I suppose there must be some Spliters or Connectors of some sort, but would welocme suggestions soon, as the man fro Uncle Ruperts lot will be calling any day now, and I don't want to upset him.


PS Yes you probably have seen this message before. I posted it to the wrong board yesterday!