For Sale Schwaiger Branded Handheld SF9002 HD satellite Meter with DiSEqC 1.0 control

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Have a gander. This has never been used, except to photograph the box print and the contents for a magazine article, so it's effectively brand new.

Complete with all accessories (though the manual is only in German, I might have the English one somwhere but no guarantee), you get what you see in the photos. I will charge it and update the software to the latest version from the Schwaiger site before boxing up, so I know it's all good. Chargers (mains 2pin / and 12V car), F cable and BNC/F adapter, lanyard and USB cable for updates.

Really bright LED display for individual satellites and the DiSEqC switch settings, plus 5/10dB attenuator and charge indicator. This gives you Clarke arc motorised set up above the majority of Europe or on a fixed dish with single or multiple LNBs. It does not do individual fixed port LNB checks if you are testing for cable polarity into a switching system.

I have scribbled on the outer cover, identifying the spelling errors before publication, but this is the only issue I can see that would stop me advertising it on eBay among the others there.

Normally these would pass hands at around £150 (on eBay for example - Schwaiger SF9002 HD Professional Installation Satellite Finder Meter | eBay)

but knowing these are probably old hat when it comes to the newer kit coming out of China, I can let it go for £95 including delivery anywhere to the UK, about half or the recommended online price.

Thanks for looking