Screwfix – quick at dispatching orders I never placed, and hopefully never paid for.



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Got an email late in the afternoon from Screwfix Direct saying that the order I placed with them earlier today had been dispatched, but I didn’t order anything.

The total of the order was just under £50, quite alarming. But I don’t think I have ever ordered with them from that email address, just filled in my postal details to get a catalogue, so can’t see how any card details would be stored with them. The email also gave me the postal address of the order, mine.

I phoned them up to tell them about it, the guy I talked to didn’t seem in the least surprised, "could be someone ordered it with your account number by mistake" was his reasoning. I asked how the order had been paid for "by card, but I can’t see any of the details" he reassured me that whoever paid for the order would be refunded in full, which I didn’t find very reassuring as someone had ordered it in the first place .

It’s just chance I still check the email address Screwfix is registered to regularly, or the first thing I would have known about it would be when £50 worth of stuff turned up tomorrow, which would have been interesting.

I would have thought that they would have been slightly more concerned about what looks like a possibly security flaw, unless this sort of thing happens all the time. Going to be a bit more careful now about letting sites keep my card details, Screwfix hadn’t, but if they had I would be more concerned and less amused than I am now.