Search of a Satcodx editor




But I'm searching while 2 weeks for a tool which is able to handle SDX-file
(open , combine data from 2 or more sat , organize and save as SDX-file)
I can open and edit it with Word , Excel and Notepad but the RECEIVER don't see every channel when I downlod the edited files.

I have a Digital Interstar 8005. And this one has a very very bad and unstable editor. So I would organize the settings using the Satcodx file.

I found a version STBedit 1.03 from your programm.
But I can't open any new downloaded SDX-files.

Could you tell me if there is somewhere a newer version ?
Is there a other proggi ?

Thanks a lot.


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if you have an golden interstar 8005 thisi is the latest editor version
but dont ask me how it work,see by your self




Thanks tamazgha2003

I know this program.
My receiver don't work with this program.
It depends of the Data Version of the receiver.
Mine has a Data Version:20 and therefore I need the STBDBmanager-ver0x14
Your attached file is STBDBmanager-ver0x17. This one is better for Data Version: 23

But with this STBDBmanager I had no luck to create my personal settings-list.
In an other forum somebody told me that it would just be possible to add the stations in a favourite list. But in this favourite list a sorting would not be possible.

As I saw now that the Data Version changed after I upgraded the receiver with a new firmware. After that the settings list in the receiver was cleared. And so, with my version of STBDBmanager a new download to the receiver was no more possible. Also with the "right" version of STBDBmanager it was not possible to open the stored setting file from my PC with the previous version of STBDBmanager .

That was to much for me.
I NEVER saw a similar bad settingseditor. THAT is THE only reason to avoid of ordering this Golden Interstar receivers.

I decided to organize a Satcodx-file to my wishes.
With every version of this worse editor it is however possible to introduce sdx-file in the receiver.
They surely forgot to kill this feature.

So that is why I asked for a software which is able to organize and combine also able to "save as" sdx-file.