Searching for Transport Stream samples! To be used for testing field meters.



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After a fatal hard disk failure (2TB ), I was able to recover most of the data, thanks to many distributed backups.

Unfortunately, I lost something that was dear to me: a huge Transport Stream collection containing 1 minute and 10 minute *.ts files from all over the world and in all possible modulations!

I used these to write my test reports for TELE-audiovision, like this one: TELE-audiovision - Weltweit größte Digital TV Fachzeitschrift

Now, you might think that I could just use any *.ts file and just modulate it into the required format (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C/C2/...) but I found out in the past, that some operators create their MUX in a way, that given receivers or field meters don't work properly. So I used a whole lot o different source *.ts files when I did my tests.

I would very much like to rebuild this Transport Stream collection, so I am calling out for help:

Could you please send me (i.e. using - ask for my email per PM) 1 minute and 10 minute Transport Streams of whole transponders?

I am looking for:

- DVB-T/T2
- DVB-C/C2
- DVB-S/S2 (except Ku band from 28.2E to 30.0W, as I can grab them myself)
- USA, Brasilian, Japanese or other digital TV modulations

If I manage to rebuild my TS database, I am willing to share it per request (I guess offering a download link could be critical due to copyright issues of the TS contents).


Kind regards,