Seca2 Canal + Spain -sudden viewing problems


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)(-red I have an official Canal + Spain card which I use in an Aston 1.05 CAM.

Up to about 4 months ago it worked fine in my Nokia 9800. Then I began to get error messages like 'you are watching in preview mode' or 'no right to watch this programme' and the picture would die. I could get it back by changing the channel and returning to it a few times and eventually the decoder, cam and card would settle down and work smoothly.

I wondered if the problem was the Nokia 9800 - it's a few years old so I bought a Humax CI 8100 PVR (a lovely machine) but I am getting the same kind of error messages.

<By the way, I know the card is OK because it is official and works fine in the echostar decoder box that I also rent from Canal + in Spain <as you guys will know, when a person subscribes to canal+ in spain, they insist on charging you an extra £5 a month to rent their decoder. With that decoder, everything works smoothly>.

Does anyone know what my viewing problem is - is it time to get a new Aston CAM?
genius5000 said:
i'm planning to buy a Humax PVR 8100 -
please do let me know what you think about the machine.
Reception good, picture good , sound good, but problem with hard disk:When using pause, lip synchronisation is lost and never recovered, sometimes when playing a recording without any interruptions I get skips.Machine is only two months old, diagnostics state that HD is OK. Must be software problems.
I find my Technisat S1 PVR far more reliable and far easier to use. Also much cheaper. The Humax appears very sturdy but in practice I found a bit frustrating to use.