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Sell an SS1 to buy technotrend 3200? for HD recording

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I want a card that'll get all the HD channels esp Premiere HD (as I get with my humax hdci 2000 and T-rex combo) - but need the ability to record these.
I currently have an SS1 (Sky Star 1) with cam slot (it's the software encoding SS1 version). I'm haven't tried using it on my new computer (core 2 duo ect setup), and I'm thinking of replacing it with a Technotrend 3200 with CI. Am I waisting my time and energy doing this. Could I get my SS1 to do this without having to replace it. Could I use a softcam of SS1 instead of my T-rex?
And is my new computer fast enough to capture/recored HD channels without the frame loss that users talk about. Specs of computer are:
- Core 2 duo e6300 (1.8mhz) - with ability to overclock as I have huge fans and heat sink.
- 2 gb ram, Radeon x600 128mb.
Will I need to buy a better graphics card - or should I wait for mpeg4 hardware encoding satellite cards?