Serbian Channels required please



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Good evening to all. I don't text, blog or chat usually so please bear with me if I do the wrong thing and upset anyone.

Fabulous to see the word "newbie" welcomed. I have been searching this site a lot today and from knowing zero, think I may have the gist of what a satelite system is. (I did say i was starting from zero). If I am right, there is not a specific reciever for Serbian television but I would have to find out which satelite to point a dish at and which reciever and dish would be best for it? I would then have to find where to buy a card to slot into the machine that gives me permission to watch. Is that about right?

There is also a potential that I could throw away my detested tiscali box and view UK programmes and maybe some extra sport? (I am a bit anti sky so only have tiscali in one room and a basic free box in the the front room). Sorry to drag on but would realy love to get this set up as a surprise for my wife for xmas. She has been nagging me for serbian TV for 20 years.



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Hi Peter, have moved your post to a separate thread.

There are free to air channels on Eutelsat W2 _, receivable with a good quality 80-90cm dish in Berkshire.


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Personally , i would subscribe to a package in serbia , Digitv would be my choice _ . That means you need to have someone there that is willing to take on a subscription and send you the box and the card . The channels can still be watched with a pached receiver at the moment but that will end soon . Otherwise FTA as rolfw has said .