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Hi All,

This is my first post and the question may be a bit simple, but a search of the FAQ drew a blank.

My 87 yr old neighbour has a motorised dish. He has been playing with a card to get more channels but this didn't work on his system. He took his combined tuner/positioner into the shop and they gave him a firmware upgarde and proved the system worked in their place on ttham court road (London). He put the box back "as he found it" (yeah right) and it doesn't work now. This is where I got called in...... The receiver works fine if you move the dish by hand, but the motor side does not.

I do plenty of electronics but no sat work so two questions:

1) The positioner no longer drives his actuator and reports motor error. As Jack as been mucking about screwing the actuator in and out by hand I suspect that the reed relay limit switches might be shot. Are they easy to adjust/reset? Any pointers on how to fix it?

2) How can I tell that he has put the actuator cable wires into the positioner in the right order? I have no manual for the actuator and have 3 shielded and one unshielded wire to play with. I am planning on looking inside the actuator to solve question 1) how do I identify each wire?

3) I know seeting up a motorised dish is a huge topic, too big for a BB. Where can I get a decent book to tell me how to do it. The hardware is in and worked a few weeks back, I just need to know the electroincs side. I don't want to spend a fortune as the system isn't even mine!

Sorry about three questions when I promised two (I am a one man spanish inquisition!).



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What make is the reciver, as you say it has a positioner is this a 36volt output
as this is the voltage that a actuator will require. If as you say he has been screwing the actuator in and out by hand the its a pound to a penny you will have to reset the cams on the reed switch. will have a hunt through my papers tomorrow and see if I can find fitting instructions and wiring diagram for you.
befor you try driveing the dish again I suggest you take the cover off the actuator and check that the 36volt feed is what is connected to the motor you can damage the reed switch if you give it the wrong voltage.