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Setting up my Motor in Scotland

My Satellite Setup
85cm dish offset
h-h rotor sat 120
manhattan plaza st 200
My Location
south scotland
i need some help please
i have manhattan plaza st 200
rotor sat h-h 120 mount
set the system up with the angles given to me by the usals website as
55.1 degrees north
3.6 degrees west
says to set a dish elevation of 22.3 degrees , the dish elevation this will make you laugh does the motor not set the elevation because when i inclne the dish it seems to point up at a huge angle

dish is a 85cm offset one

cant get a single signal


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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My Satellite Setup
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My Location
Welcome to the forum, have split your post from the other thread so that it can be dealt with properly. :)

From your location and using an offset dish, the face of the dish should be almost vertical, only leaning back slightly when at the top of the arc. The elevation is set on the motor body, the declination is set on the dish mount and will change the depth of the arc.