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Siemens gigaset 515 router & DB500

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Hi all

I'm using Siemens gigaset 515 router & 2 computers (already working in wireless LAN). Now trying to connect DB500S & asus wl-300g into existing LAN

and badly need help with setings

On DB settings are:
Nameserver (Router)
Gateway (Router)
Port: 80

DHCP is off

No WEP and no MAC addresses are inserted into router

On asus wl-300g (when it was connected on computer) enabled MAC address cloning is set off, none WEP encription, and it was set to work like network adapter (not like AP)

I think that I should change IP address on asus wl-300g becouse it is set to, same as router.
How and where should it be changed

What settings should I make in router to connect asus wl-300g and router

Hope someone will help me

Regards ddragas


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Change the DB IP to (in expert panel). You need a cat5 cable to connect the DB500s to a router but I think you can also used an Ethernet bridge.

To change IP in the Asus login to it using it's IP address and a CAT5 cable or turn off your router and use wireless and Internet Explorer (guess).

Again, I guess you change it's IP address to and set the gateway to

Are you trying to use the Asus as an Ethernet Bridge?