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Hi All

I tried searching for an answer but couldn't find the info I need.

Can someone please explain the difference between signal strength & quality.

I have a Digisat III meter and i had it connected to my old small sky dish just to have a practice with it and was moving the dish around holding it up with my hand I could get a reading of 74 on the meter.

It was pointing at no where near 28.2 so what was my meter reading, strength or quality.

Can you have a high strength reading but still have poor quality?


p.s is my meter

dig deep

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There are so many sat´s up there so U can always have a reading

I tried my self with a cheap / no good / sat meter :)

and quality, what´s that ? When U have a good signal, the pic is good and no freezing, that´s good quality.

Test to turn the LNB some 45 degrees, see if it makes any change.

Never trust the satmeters(if they come cheap:))

It is the pic on the tellie that counts