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I currently have a FTV card (pale blue one) with which I still get BBC ITV, CH4,5 etc., with no problems. I assume that they will be switched off at some stage. I would be willing to bite the bullet and subscribe to sky. I contacted them and they said that I would have to sign up for the full package (movies, sport etc. which I don't want) even though I have all the equipment. They (person in call centre) were not impressed that I had had a FTV card in past and no history with Sky. I didn't mention that I am based in Germany.

Has anyone had such problems?

Is there a minimum contract with sky if you don't get a subsidised box?

Can you cancel sky and be left with the FTV channels?

Would be grateful for any answers.



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No you don't have to sign up for the full package, I believe that the minimum standard package is around £13. Bear in mind that the normal Sky contract is 12 months though and if you cancel prior to this time, they may push for the remainder of the year's payments and have the ability to totally deactivate the card.

PS. You will receive the BBC channels without your card in the box.


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The minimum package is 12.50(value pack)? and gives you sky one,home and leisure,bloomberg and music choice.Apparently sky are offering a special price of 6.50 per month for one year to people who have old free to view cards.And i suppose that after one year,if you cancel,you keep the ftv channels.