Simon Cowell is set to appear in The Simpsons.



He will play a nursery school admissions officer who treats toddlers to the same withering putdowns as hapless Pop Idol hopefuls.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told the TV Times that Cowell would make a great guest star in the cartoon.

"I think he would be hilarious." he said. "We're talking about a story where the Simpsons are having trouble getting Maggie, the baby, into nursery school. And we thought it would be funny if he played the nursery school admissions officer."

Cowell has become a major star in America as judge on the United States version of Pop Idol.

Mr Jean said: "Simon's very popular in the US. There's a history in American television of people we love to hate - fun villains, such as JR Ewing in Dallas - and Simon's a similar sort of character.

"But overall, I'd say he's liked rather than loathed. Everyone else is such a Hollywood phoney - he's the only one who says what you're thinking, which is that half the people on the show are terrible."

Mr Jean said Cowell's Simpsons incarnation may come complete with his trademark high-waisted trousers.

"Simon has criticised other people's appearances on his show, so I think he should be open to that himself," he said