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Dear All

I currently have a Pace MSS500 and Triax 88 dish set on Altantic Bird 3 at 5W for the French channels. I have just purchased a Jaeger 99G -H-H motor to make use of the positioner in the Pace, with the hope of upgrading to an analogue/digital receiver with positioner in the future.Unfortunatly I do not have the instructions to the Jaeger and am asking kindly for some advice.

I do not have an
inclinometer, so I only wish to use the scale on the mount body. Do I set this to my actual latitude of 50.8 ? I am confused as some posts show calcutaling elevation as 90 - latitude(39.2deg), some websites have suggested adding dish offset to the latitude (58deg) and the SMW calculator shows my elevation angle as 31.6deg. The satsig website calculator shows a polar mount main axis angle of 51.68 and polar mount dish offset of 6.72.

Which do I choose (without the instructons) as this is the most important setting along with getting true south? The dish itself can be aligned easily to an analogue satellite without a meter and therfore I don't need the angles for this.

When I have the correct mount angle, I am aiming to move the motor 5deg west of its zero position (under power), set the dish up at the best signal on Atlantic Bird 3, lock the bolts and the move the motor back to zero (under power) to get true south. Then I will make any small adjustments for tracking the arc by flexing the dish and moving the mount east/west or up/down by consulting the "Setting up the dish" thread on this site. Is this fair?

Finally does anyone know where I can get instructions for my Pace MSS500?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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The scale on the motor body is the elevation angle, which is 39.2° for your location.


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search this very excellent forum and you WILL find the info required
what is your location lat/long this will help you get answers


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hope i can help.fitted 3 jaeger 99 motors for myself and friends.
first one took me ages.bought myself a compass+inclinometer.
read everything going and got really confused.
living in tenerife so my latitude is 28 degrees.
for some reason the angle on the polar mount is 90-28 latitude
for i set my polar mount angle to 62.
next,set your east/west angle to 0 degrees on motor.
then with compass align your 0 degrees to approx south.
next,fasten dish to the motor,making sure its perpendicular(90 degrees)
to n/s axis.
originally found out the offset angle for my funke dish,and worked out
declination angle,but got even more confused,so i didn¨t use my inclinometer
in the end.
next i tried to locate nilesat on 7 longitude is 16.5 degrees west .
so connected receiver to motor and in auto search moved motor to 9.5 degrees
east,yes east.16.5degrees-7degrees=9.5,on motor east/west setting.
moved the dish up and down.couldn¨t get a signal at first,so moved the whole
of the polar mount a degree or so east and west, a bit at the time while i moved dish
up and down.after locating first sat tighten up polar mount.then locate your other
sats in the same manner as the first.normally i do not have to readjust the elevation
on the polar mount,just the true south adjutment on polar mount by just a touch.
good luck


Thank-you everyone for your advice, will give it a try at the weekend. My longtitude is 0.31E if this helps.