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Hi I have Astra 1 - 2 and hotbird mounted on my raven dish . At the moment Astra 1 and hotbird are conected to my humax by a 2- 1 diseqc switch with Astra 2 on a seprate cable to my sky box. Would it be posible to have all three lnbs conected by a 4-1 diseqc switch going into the humax and the sky box being fed from the humax lnb loop through.
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Hello T2

Yes it might be possible, but you would only get the LNB to which the Humax is connected at any one time fed through to the $ky Box.

If you want to be able to get the $ky Box fed permanently and receive the FTA from E28 via the Humax, you will need two LNBs pointed in that direction.

You could use a $ky+ type arrangement where a 'double' LNB is mounted on the one dish, and feed one output to your $ky Box, and the other via Diseqc to the Humax.

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