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Sirius and Amos2


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My Satellite Setup
Channel Master 1.2 1224 H2H. Traix TD88. Sky+
Echostar 3600.
P4 2k. Broadband 2
My Location
Buckingamshire UK
Hi all

I currently have a Ch Mater 1.2 on a 1224 H2H. I am using this to get Sirius and Amos 2 for my Ukraianian GF. I would like to have a separate system for her using a separate dish. I have a TD88 mounted in the garden alongside the CH 1.2 Can somone help me out here? Would I get good reception of the Ukrainian channels on both sats from one dish? (using a 20 degree bracket)

I dont want to have another big dish as I already have a 70cm sky dish on the front of the house.

I have heard some time ago that all the Ukrainian channels were moving to Amos 2. Make it easier for me, but prob not for others

I've added a pic of the dishes, sorry its the only one I have at the mo.

Hope someone can help.