SKY: BSkyB getting channels far cheaper



BSkyB is capitalising on another benefit of having 2/3 of all digital TV customers - it is using this to reduce, by an average of around 20-25%, the amount of money per subscriber it pays to channels for carriage on its platform.

Viacom, the owners of MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon and Paramount, is the latest, and highest profile, company to have to accept a significantly reduced amount per subscriber or it would have faced oblivion on the Sky EPG. Others in the last year or so have included UKTV and Sci-fi Channel.

These vastly superior deals in favour of BSkyB cme as the company announced its first year-on-year profit since it launched Sky Digital five years ago.
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Sending out a digital channel costs the broadcaster about a tenth of the original transponder costs of a single analogue channel

BSKYB are therefore laughing twice on the way to the bank