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Sky digibox (AMstrad) Scart pins



I'm trying to get a digibox to control a VCR via the Scart.
This is usually done via pin 8 which goes high when recording is to start however sky seems to be different. Do they use another pin?
or is this another way of saying Sky do not encourage us of VCR's

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From a nasty experience with all skydigiboxes (except the Sony) the VCR port is purely passive both incoming and outgoing

Annoying to say the least when you want the digibox to pass through signals from the VCR when you press play

By the way Amstrad has avoided accepting ANY faulty receiver within the twelve month guarantee and will pass you back through the never ending BSKYB phone system, the number in the manual is no longer operational, and Sky will do theri best to palm you off to the installer that fitted it, who will give usually 90 days at moston any replacement.

Dont attempt to take it apart and modify the SCART connections, if you break it then make sure your home insurance covers an old for new policy. Most likely the Amstrad will set fire to your curtains before it fails